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Product Description

A soft sweet floral scent, inspired by the popular designer fragrance, with notes of orchid, rose, jasmine and freesia, and enriched with vanilla and patchouli.

Our wax melt slabs weigh approx. 80g and can be cut to your desired size, releasing up to 80 hours of fragrance into your home.


Product Formulation

All of our wax melts are made with Eco Soy Wax, vegan and cruelty free fragrance oils, plastic free and biodegradable plant-based glitters, ethically sourced, cruelty free and plastic free mica powders and dyes, and recyclable/biodegradable packaging.  We are committed to only sourcing ingredients which are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Climate Positive Workforce

In addition to our efforts to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, we are also extremely proud to be offsetting our carbon footprint by supporting Ecology in their mission to combat climate change through reforestation.  More information on how we're doing our bit to tackle climate change can be found here.

Usage Guidance

We create our wax melts using a 10% fragrance load for maximum scent throw, to release beautiful scents inside your home for around approximately 12-15 hours. We recommend adding 1-2 segments to a suitable wax melt burner, depending on how strong you prefer the fragrance in your home to be.  The intensity of your chosen fragrance will depend upon your wax burner, how many segments you add, the room temperature and of course your room size.

It is important you do not burn tea lights in your wax melt burner for any longer than 4 hours at a time, as this may overheat your burner and may cause the burner to explode, posing a serious safety hazard.

For more information, please read our Guidance page here.

Weight - Net 80g per slab


All of our products are handmade and therefore the colours, shades, glitters and scent may vary slightly between batches.  Additionally, all of our melts are poured by hand and the weight may therefore also vary.

Some of our melts are created using scents incredibly similar to fragrances from designer brands.  Although they will smell very much alike to these trademarked fragrances, we are in no way affiliated with these brands and are simply taking inspiration from these trademarked products to bring you our own interpretations.